Repubblica si San Marino: alto tasso di morti per COVID-19

webinar: "Implications of COVID-19 for Public Health and the SDGs"  - 27th April 2020.

What is very interesting in this study and can be fully verified from other sources too, is the case of SAN MARINO in Italy. A place with only 30000+ inhabitants that has been the test bed for TIM and NOKIA and since the end of 2018 has full (99%) 5G coverage with MIMO antenas and both frequencies 3,5 GHz and 26GHz in operation. Today SAN MARINO has the highest rate of COVID-19 cases and the highest rate of COVID-19 deaths per 1000 people not only in Europe but Globaly.

Dr. Theodore P. Metsis

I checked that confirmed cases of San Marino vs Italian Provinces'.   San Marino = 1,73% on population vs 1,64% of worst Italian Province (Cremona).  
Please consider that the deployment in San Marino started end of 2018, so during last months 99% of coverage of 5G is operative in this State. In Italy the coverage of 5G is minimal with very few devices in operation,  during the end of 2019 beginning of 2020.