Alta Corte spagnola riconosce la elettrosensibilità


A 'teleco' electrosensitivity achieved with the inability to work between wifis

  • The TSJ of Madrid recognizes the right to a benefit denied the INSS
A 'teleco' electrosensitivity achieved with the inability to work between wifisElectrosensitivity relates to electromagnetic fields and (Ulrich Baumgarten / Getty) Wireless
 , Barcelona 
8/2/2016 1:25 | Updated 08/02/2016 14:17 Read the Catalan version
telecommunications engineer who worked at Ericsson and sufferselectrohipersensibilidad, a neurological syndrome that is triggered when exposed to computers, wifis, mobile phones and spaces in general with high electrical and electromagnetic activity, has made ​​the High Court of Madrid recognizes him which can not continue to exercise their profession without becoming ill and therefore is entitled to a disability benefit. The National Institute of Social Security (INSS) was denied two years ago citing the difficulty in proving the existence of this syndrome.
"This is the first we have achieved total disability due exclusively to this syndrome," says attorney Jaume Cortés, the Col·lectiu Ronda. The INSS considered it impossible to determine the resulting functional limitations of this syndrome electrosensitivity based on reports from the World Health Organization on "the heterogeneity and vagueness of its symptoms."
"Using a mobile phone caused me tinnitus and headache in less than a minute. But besides the ear flushed mobile, could barely sleep, I turned aggressive even cause accidents, was sunk and my brain was getting slower. I came to forget the name of lifelong friends. All together increased depression, anxiety ... "explains Ricardo de Francisco, telecommunications engineer 47 who all wireless leads to 
a large and increasingly diverse suffering. At first he thought it was a mental health problem, but experts dismissed it. "But my thyroid was normal as was a month without work, and so did other parts of my body."
In Ericsson -after a period of declines in this syndrome is not recognized, "does not exist, my doctor told me the medical service" - ran out precisely by laying off electrosensitivity. There was no free site waves in the company or data communications tasks that could reduce the risk of liability of the company's health.
He went to unemployment and the inability claimed: "Where I can go to work do not have a router?". They first denied the application and now has achieved through the courts. It can not work. Nor can use public transportation, among other reasons, because awareness is expanding to chemicals. "Study people they can move, but has given them to put wifi in the streets." 
She lives in Madrid and down the street looking antennas. At home landline and a mobile GSM, with far fewer megahertz phones that do everything. "It's not easy to find that information. In stores they hallucinate with the question. We must find the SAR ".Your phone uses a lower frequency and takes you off all possible wireless connections.Use with headphones because they reach less waves and may further reduce the effect with some extension cords that emit air at the end, "but it is hard to find."
In the case of Madrid teleco, the key favorable judgment has been to have a report of public health, on this occasion, a scholar internist hospital theme of Guadalajara. "It is the history of all these diseases, not there until those affected claim and a judge recognizes and become news, "says attorney Col·lectiu Ronda. It happened with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue - "today we have about 300 disabilities recognized by this cause" - with multiple chemical sensitivity, "some 50 won". Now it's up to electrosensitivity.




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