Altra vacanza orientata al no-elettrosmog , in Francia

La posizione è indicata qui nella cartina . Periodo 25/8-1/9.

Sent: Friday, June 27, 2014 1:55 PM
Subject: E.H.S French meeting August 2014

Rally Summer 2014
Hello everyone,

Our organisation is organizing a week of meetings for electrosensitives and people helping or supporting them from Monday 25 August to Monday 1st September in the town of St Julien-en-Beauchene in the Hautes-Alpes (05), France.
Work around the following themes:

- Creating living environments without irradiation for electrohypersensitives 
- The issue of electrohypersensitive children Electro,
- The recognition of disability by the MDPH (French Authorities)
- Conflict management as regards neighbours
- Electrosensitivity abroad
- Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
- Civil disobedience initiatives

One day will be devoted to discussion, with a variety of contributions, on creating areas free of artificial radiation (“white zones”). The various projects will be presented.

These meetings will be publicized. Many different organisations and groups will be participating.
Description of meeting place:

The gorges of "Riou froid" are located in the commune of St Julien-en-Beauchene. This is the area in which the MEP Michèle Rivasi is piloting a project for an emergency area for relief for people suffering from electrohypersensitivity.

The site is isolated, with no mobile phone reception. Also there are no electricity power lines. There is a small cottage in Riou Froid, and this has been booked by the association so as to allow dormitory accommodation for a small number of participants.
The location offers excellent opportunities for camping: bring a tent, a camping van or caravan. There is also accommodation 5km away in the town of Lus-la-Croix-Haute (26).
Warning: 25% of electro are also MCS (multiple chemical sensitive) (Source: National Census of people electro "Network EHS-Mutual" - contact UneTerrePourLesEHS for details).
Bio washing of all clothing mandatory for everyone. Otherwise, come with unwashed new clothes. Please do not wear any form of perfume during the 15 days preceding the rally.
Note in translation: Ecological washing powders and liquids should not be used as they frequently have the most pungent fragrance of all washing products. Chose a fragrance free detergent. In Scandinavia Neutral detergent is excellent – lacking fragrances, colours and parabenes. Bold have marketed an excellent rival product. These seem unavailable in France or the UK. In France Savon de Marseille seems to be successful. Wash all clothes 3X or more in fragrance free detergents prior to attendence.

More details soon. You can already pre-register at: simply marking the words 
« Je souhaite participer au rassemblement 2014 » in the body of the text.

Good luck to you all and looking forward to meeting you this summer,

Philippe Tribaudeau

President of the association "A Land For The EHS "
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Accommodation info for the EHS rally from 25 August to 1 September 2014 - Valley Riou Froid in the Municipality of St-Julien-en-Beauchene (05).


You will find below the various accommodation options on the site of the encounter as well as the municipality of Lus-la-Croix-Haute (26) (joint closest to the venue).

- On-site Riou Refrigeration (place of assembly) Site without mobile network without any power line.

NFB cottage "Les Chabottes" reserved by the association: 6 places in a dormitory. Price: 8 EUR / Night.

Around the house and gorges, plenty of free camping reservation (tents and camper).


More info:

-On the site of Vallon de la Jarjatte (such as Lus-la-Croix-high)

After the site Riou Refrigeration, this place is the most protected (mobile reception) with remote relay antennas 4 to 6 km from places of accommodation therein. The owners of the locations below have been contacted by our association and all agree to cut their Wifi.

Camping "the Maujas"

22 small camping places without electricity (the nearest base station: 6 km)

Price: 3,40 euros / person - € 2.40 / -1.70 euros tent / car - 4 euros / camper


Resort FOL 26 "Color Nature"

(Antenna nearest relay: 6 km)

To book, contact us

More info:

Price: 37 euros / adult half board - special group rate from 20 persons

Cottage "Acacia"

Capacity: 5 people

(Nearest base station: about 4km)

Contact: Mr and Mrs Mabeau at

Chalet Friard Ruth

Price: 390 euros / week

Capacity: 5 people

Note: open only from Thursday, August 28.


(Nearest base station: about 4km)

For more choices and information, see the web site of the Lus-la-Croix-Haute tourist office:

Location map of antennae on Cartoradio: Voir l'implantation des antennes

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