Una casa senza radiofrequenze

Vi riporto questa email di una mamma americana, elettrosensibili, con lo sono i suoi  due bambini.

Ha cercato ed alla fine creato una situazione abittativa con un livello molto basso di RF ...

cerca persone con le quali condividere questa casa.

E' in Rhode Island  (200 Km Nord-Est di NewYork) ...  ovviamente non credo che sia di vostro interesse ma è bene avere come esmpi di situazioni reali, vissute ...

Thu May 2, 2013 8:41 am (PDT) . Posted by:


Have EHS and struggling to find a safe place to live? I'm a single mom with 2 boys (ages 15 & 9). We all have EHS and in September I will be looking for someone to share my EMF-free home in Wakefield, Rhode Island. Radiation levels inside the house are a mere .0005 mW/m2 and there are no wireless meters on/in the house; they've been replaced with analogs.

The house is in an upscale, private community. It is a beautiful, wooded neighborhood with good spacing between houses and completely surrounded by open space. No chance of a cell tower ever going up. There are walking trails and we have access to a large, private lake just a block away where you can swim, fish, or go kayaking, canoeing, or boating.

This is a wonderful community and a perfect setting for someone with EHS. Many of my neighbors have already had their wireless water meters removed. I'm getting the neighborhood up to speed on smart meters and there is legislation pending to provide opt-outs in Rhode Island (working to make it an outright ban). Awareness is growing here in RI so we're in much better shape than some other states. I have several state reps on my side.

This is an ideal environment for someone with EHS, which is why I'm looking for someone to share expenses with rather than sell. I won't be able to duplicate this safe environment elsewhere. I believe those of us with EHS are going to have to stick together and live/work together as a community if we are going to survive what's happening in our society. This is my first step in that direction.

This will be a long-term arrangement. My kids and I live a holistic lifestyle and eat an organic (as much as possible), gluten-free diet. I can't say it's exactly "quiet" around here with 2 young kids, but the setting is serene and peaceful and the kids are, well--kids. They're in and out and busy with their friends throughout the day. I have a 1/2 acre lot with plenty of room for a huge vegetable garden. Would love to find someone to help me make that happen.

It is a large house (2200+ sq. ft). You will have a large bedroom with private bath on the main floor of the home and the kitchen, living room, dining room, and laundry room, all on the main floor, will be shared. The bedroom has a hardwired, high speed internet connection and phone jack. Obviously, no wireless devices of any kind area are allowed in the house, and that includes all our visitors.

This is a family-oriented neighborhood but there are older people without kids, too. A lot of people walk daily and there's lots of dogs. We are 5 min. from a major university and the center of town where you can find everything you need. Scenic Newport is 15 minutes away, Westerly beaches/Watch Hill about 30 minutes south. Providence is approx. 30 minutes North.

I'd be willing to consider someone with one child and/or one dog. If you have a child we'll have to get creative to make the space work, but it could be done. I have one 12 year old dog who gets along fine with everyone--both kids & dogs. No cats, please, due to allergies.

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