Reazioni allo annuncio delle conclusioni di IARC/WHO

E' stata eseguita un'analisi statistica su 1900 post in Twitter .


22%  scetticisimo
32%  non interesse - fonte di battute ...
46%  preoccupazione

vedete qui sotto la fonte

Here are some statistics on how the public sees the IARC warning that cell phone radiation may cause brain cancer. A break down of 19,000 posts on Twitter and Facebook, between May 30 and June 3, found that 22% expressed skepticism ("This is crazy and whoever believes this is crazy too."); 32% made jokes ("Cell phones cause that kind of cancer that makes you drive like a spaz."); and 46% indicated concern ("I'm getting a landline."). The analysis was by an outfit called Crimson Hexagon and was reported in the weekend edition of the Wall Street Journal.