Il Comune di Santa Monica (California) chiede di rivedere i limiti

Il 'consiglio comunale' di Santa Monica in California (USA) alla luce della recente classificazione delle radiofrequenze tra i possibili agenti cancerogeni,
ha chiesto agli enti federali una revisione dei limiti di esposizione .

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Press Release

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In light of the recent classification of wireless radiation emitting devices as a Class 2 B carcinogen by WHO/IARC, last night at 1:00 AM, the Santa Monica City Council voted unanimously to request from both state and federal officials, proper evaluation of public health and safety standards including the possibility of putting warning labels on cell phones.  Councilman Mckeown placed the item on the agenda.  This is the first action taken by the city to raise awareness and protect public health regarding exposure to non-ionizing radiation from wireless devices.  Councilwoman Davis recused herself from the vote per her conflict of interest as an AT@T attorney.