Appello di Arthur Firstenberg

Dear EMF Scientists, Medical Doctors, and Activists,

We must all make an effort at communication, cooperation and action, now, if we want to survive. Already there are few insects left on Earth, and birds and bats are starving by the billions. SpaceX’s Starlink satellites, when and if they go into service, threaten to put a sudden end to life on Earth later this year.

Yet people are going about their business as if everything is fine. The human race is accelerating, like lemmings, toward a precipice that it does not even know is there. 

The knowledge necessary to change course is possessed by us. Whether we also possess the power to actually do anything to change the course -- to even slow down the rush toward the cliff -- is unknown to me. I doubt it, but I cannot stand by knowing that life on earth is about to end, without doing what I can to try to prevent it. My own life is worth little. But Life Itself is precious and worth fighting for. I assume that you all care about this earth too. But there are some important questions whose answers we so far have not been able to agree on, which limits our effectiveness.

I offer the following, by way of beginning the discussion.

First, very briefly about myself, for those who do not know me well. I will be 70 years old this year. I have been involved in EMF issues since I was 16 years old as a research fellow in an electrophysiology lab at Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn when I was in the 11th and 12th grades. I was a winner of the Westinghouse Science Talent Search in 1967 for my work in that lab. I studied mathematics and physics at Cornell University. I went to medical school at the University of California, Irvine. I was injured by X-rays midway through medical school, and had to quit one year short of getting my M.D., in order to save my life.

While still in medical school I studied acupressure, shiatsu and kiatsu, and learned acupuncture theory from Chinese and Korean textbooks. Later I studied and became a certified practitioner of the Feldenkrais and Rubenfeld Synergy Methods of healing, which deal with the structural and energetic systems of the body.


1. Is there a dose response for RF radiation?
2. Is wireless technology safe at any level?
I say no. I have already sent some of you a list of studies that support my opinion. But I know it from personal experience. On November 14, 1996, Omnipoint Communications (now T-Mobile) began commercial service of the first digital (2G) cell phone network in New York City from 600 rooftop installations. Within 4 days I could not eat or sleep, my head was roaring like a train, my eyes felt like they were popping out of my head, and my skin was so sensitive I couldn’t bear to be touched. Three times during the 5th night my vocal cords went into spasm so that I could not take a breath in or out. On the 6th morning I grabbed my sleeping bag, got on the Long Island Railroad, and barely escaped with my life.

I was sure that the radiation levels in my apartment were sky high, but I was proven wrong. I hired EMF consultant Stuart Maurer to go down to my apartment with his spectrum analyzer and take measurements. The peak radiation level that had almost killed me in less than a week was
0.0001 μW/cm2 (microwatts per square centimeter) -- less than the radiation levels on much of the Earth today.

I was certain that people were being killed all over New York City by this low level of radiation, and I was proven right. I telephoned Dr. John Goldsmith in Israel and he instructed me how to get weekly mortality statistics for 121 cities from the Centers for Disease Control. The death rate in New York City rose 17% on the day the Omnipoint antennas began service, and remained that elevated for three months. I analyzed weekly mortality statistics for many U.S. cities. In each city, mortality increased between 15% and 30% on the day that city’s 2G service began, and remained elevated for three to four months in each city. I calculated that the installation of 2G in the U.S. in 1996-1997 had killed at least 10,000 people outright.

Here in Santa Fe, Verizon Wireless upgraded its service last month. When I am near a Verizon antenna now, I have a headache, nausea, and a swelling sensation in my throat. It doesn’t matter what the power level is. I have a headache from a Verizon antenna where the power density is 0.03 μW/cm2, and no headache from an AT&T antenna where the power density is 15.2 μW/cm2.

In addition, I feel normal in the middle of Santa Fe, where there are lots of cell towers and levels of radiation are high, but I am falling-over dizzy in remote locations in New Mexico where cell phones don’t even work and the levels are barely measurable. The explanation has nothing to do with power levels. The earth underneath Santa Fe, all the way down to mid-mantle, is more highly conductive than most other places on earth. What most EMF scientists are missing is that the electrical properties of the earth are as important as the electrical properties of the wireless signals we are bathed in. And of all the properties of wireless signals, power level is the least important for health and environment. Wireless kills, period, at any level. And it is about to kill us all, and all the insects, birds and animals, unless we wake up and put a halt to it, now. Starting with the satellites.

3. Is wireless technology from Space safe at any level?

I say no, again from personal experience as well as academic research. Satellites orbiting in the ionosphere are far more dangerous than terrestrial antennas, not because of the radiation levels at the surface of the Earth, but because the ionosphere controls the global electrical circuit. The global electrical circuit provides the energy of life that is identical to the qi of Chinese medicine and the prana of Ayurvedic medicine. If you pollute the global circuit with millions of pulsed, modulated signals, you will destroy every living thing.

As I document in my book, The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life, even the first 28 military satellites, launched in 1968, caused disease on Earth. And the first set of satellites for cell phone service -- Iridium’s 66 satellites -- sickened people and animals everywhere. Iridium went into service on September 23, 1998. On that morning exactly, people all over the world who call themselves electrically sensitive (ES) became suddenly deathly ill. I know because on October 1, 1998, I conducted a telephone survey of 57 ES people in 6 countries; contacted 2 ES support groups; and interviewed 2 nurses and one physician who served that population. I know because on the morning of
September 23, 1998, I myself became deathly ill. I also lost my sense of smell on that morning and it has not returned to this day. The mortality rate in the United States rose by 5 percent for two weeks after the commencement of Iridium’s service.

Birds were affected too. It was pigeon racing season, and in early October, newspapers reported huge losses of homing pigeons in much of the United States. Pigeon racers whom I contacted told me that not only did they lose all their pigeons, but few wild birds were seen in the sky for several weeks. And the sport of pigeon racing has not recovered.

When Iridium came out of bankruptcy and resumed service on March 30, 2001, it was foaling season, and newspapers reported spontaneous abortions and foal deaths among very expensive race horses in many countries. I also received reports from people far and wide of nausea, flu-like illness, and feelings of oppression. As I did when Globalstar, a second satellite phone service, began operation on February 28, 2000 with 48 satellites. As I did when Iridium added data and Internet to its satellite service on June 5, 2001. Such reports did not only come from people labeled ES.

That was, respectively, 66 and 48 satellites -- still the only low-orbit satellites providing cell phone service today. The prospect of 12,000 or more satellites is a global emergency. Even the first 1,000 of those satellites, if they are put into operation later this year, as SpaceX would like to do, threatens to put an end to all of life.

4. Should you sign or promote the International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space (“5G Space Appeal”)?

The EMF Scientists Appeal has only 200 signatures. The 5G Space Appeal has 200 thousand signatures, including 5,000 scientists. Yet many who signed the EMF Scientists Appeal have declined to sign the 5G Space Appeal, some because it is not just for scientists and some because they are not experts on space.

What is happening in space is an emergency. I invite you to sign the 5G Space Appeal if you haven’t already, and to circulate it to your colleagues. It is a meticulous, thoroughly referenced, accurate document. 200 signatures will not halt the rush toward the cliff. Neither will 200 thousand signatures. We need millions of signatures, and we need the climate change community. We need to be the catalysts to wake up this world, before it is too late.

5.  “If not me, who?”

Most people who call me for information are calling on their cell phones. Most people who are signing the 5G Space Appeal are signing it on their cell phones. Everyone wants their cell phone but they want me to stop 5G for them and it is impossible. They need their cell phone when they travel. They need it for their business. They need it for their family. They need it for their friends. Or they think 4G is safe, but not 5G. Or they “only” have a flip phone. Or, thinking they are doing good for the planet, they keep their phone “only for emergencies.” They think their phone is not irradiating the birds and the insects and their neighbors like the towers are. They think that if they keep the phone at some distance from their head, that they are safe, because they believe there is a dose response. They think that if they only keep their phone for emergencies, the towers do not have to be there. But if even one person wants to be able to use a cell phone wherever they go in case of an emergency, the entire wireless infrastructure of the planet has to be there. Which means no insects, no birds, and very shortly no life and no planet. And there is not just one person who wants to be able to use a cell phone in an emergency, there are seven billion.

Can we, the EMF scientists, doctors and activists, lead the way by example? Walking the walk, not just talking the talk? Throwing away our phones.

It seems to me that this is the most important question, and the only hope for averting catastrophe. If even we can’t do it, no one else will.

It is abundantly clear that we are losing -- losing the fight and losing our planet -- because for almost everyone on earth, the danger from EMFs is an abstraction. It is noise, like the buzzing of a fly, and nothing more. Government officials cannot hear it. Judges cannot hear it. They look at the supplicants before them, who are talking some nonsense that makes no sense to them, and who are also treating it like an abstraction.
So many of the EMF scientists own cell phones. So many of the EMF activists own cell phones.

I went to a public hearing last week, where I testified that a proposed hotel should not be built because there is a cell tower 20 yards away, whose antenna is aimed at where the hotel would be. The neighboring office suites, once filled with lawyers and other businesses, have emptied out since that antenna was installed. The Planning Commissioners ignored me. I gave them an email from the last remaining office tenant, a lawyer who is about to vacate her office because she has severe nosebleeds and dizziness when she is at work. I gave them a doctor’s letter from a woman who is about to close her jewelry shop below those offices because she has headaches, nosebleeds and heart palpitations when she is at work. The Commissioners acted like I was not there, like the documents I had given them did not exist. The lawyer did not testify herself because she was afraid. The jewelry shop owner did not testify herself because she was afraid. Everyone is afraid, and everyone has a cell phone. No one is showing by their actions that they believe what they are saying, except a few people like me who are as rare as pterodactyls.

It doesn’t matter if we get a million signatures, if everyone is signing on their cell phone. It doesn’t matter if we have a million studies, if the researchers act like they don’t believe their results. Who is going to set the example? Who is going lead the world in a different direction?

Hillel said it best: “If not now, when? If not me, who?”

Arthur Firstenberg
P.O. Box 6216
Santa Fe, NM 87502
phone: +1 505-471-0129