Radiofrequenze e movimenti della mano

Interessante questo lavoro di tesi presso una università Finlandese,
in cui si arriva a determinare una significativa correlazione tra presenza di frequenze (Radio e TV) ad intensità basse ed il movimento della mano nel 39% delle persone che si sono sottoposti a questi test.

Una ulteriore comprova che le RF provocano effetti (non termici) sul corpo !

How sensitive is a human being for EMFs and how to measure it?

Mr Paavo Huttunen's new PhD Thesis, University of Oulu, Finland.


" The aims of the present study were to clarify the antenna function
and radio frequency radiation (RFR) sensitivity of human subjects
using theoretical calculations and field tests. The weak very high
frequency (VHF) electromagnetic fields and spontaneous hand movements
were recorded. Groups of university students, other volunteers and as
a very interesting group, experienced well finders, were used as test
subjects. The VHF field was studied using a spectrum analyser and
tuneable narrow-band or broad-band meter with a dipole antenna. The
hand movements were registered by potentiometric systems and
electromyography (EMG). The test subjects (altogether n = 140) in
different tests were walking, sitting in a cart being pulled slowly
forward, or sitting in a moving car. The responses were observed and
hand movements were recorded and analysed by personal computers. By
visual inspection and using the Pearson's correlation, the results of
different individuals have been compared with the measured intensity
of far fields of a radio mast. Reaction spots and graphs defined by
different individuals in the same experiment areas have been compared
to each other.

Hand movement correlated with the reactions of the forearm and
shoulder muscles, e.g., pronator teres and trapezius, by EMG
measurements. The reactions of some persons correlated with each
other. Experiments in a slow moving wagon and in a moving car showed a
correlation between the test subjects’ hand movements and the
intensity of below 1 mV/m radio and TV signals measured in the
vicinity of the test subject. In open field tests different persons
usually reacted in widely different ways. The most evident results
were recorded near the buildings, where the radio waves reflected from
the wall and patterns of standing waves were clear. Many VHF frequency
modulated (FM) broadcasting signals were summed at these places at the
same time.

It is concluded that the spontaneous hand movement reactions occurred
as a response of the human body to the gradients of the VHF field
intensity. The reaction generally occurred in interference patterns of
multipath propagation or standing waves originating from the radiation
of FM radio and TV broadcasting transmitters and radiation reflected
from the walls of buildings or from other objects. This non-thermal
reaction was clearly observable as spontaneous arm movements by 39
percent of the 85 tested students. "

Opponent:Professor Alexander Priezzhev, M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University

Tutors (Custos):: Professor Risto Myllylä (Univ. of Oulu), Professor
Osmo Hänninen (Univ. of East Finland)

Reviewers: Professor Valentin Dmitriev (M.F. Stel'makh 'Polyus'
Research and Development Institute, Russia), Professor Timo
Jääskeläinen (University of East Finland)