in USA aumentano la incertezza ed i dubbi sul 5G

Sempre più servizi giornalistici e televisivi stanno riportando i tanti dubbi sulla pericolosità ed efficienza di questa nuova tecnologia 5G.
Joel MOSKOWITZ   ha raccolto tanti link a tanti servizi televisivi

5G warning posters placed around Downtown Orlando
Matthew Trezza, WOFL (Orlando, FL), Jun 14, 2019
Adam Cron, KCWI (Des Moines, IA), Jun 14, 2019

Angelina Dixson, KVAL (Eugene, OR), May 22, 2019

5G cell tower critics post 'health warning' signs
Lisa Balick, KOIN (Portland, OR), May 21, 2019

Albany residents debate safety of 5G
WNYT (Albany, NY), May 17, 2019
Protesters rally against 5G in San Diego
KGTV (San Diego, CA), May 15, 2019 

5G cell tower protest in Ashland
KTVL (Ashland, OR), May 15, 2019

Locals plan rally against 5G rollout
KOBI (Medford, OR), May 15, 2019

Group rallies against 5G roll out
KDRV (Medford, OR), May 15, 2019

Is 5G technology safe? The debate intensifies
Jennifer Lewke, WHEC (Rochester, NY), May 2, 2019

VERIFY: Does 5G cause health problems?
Gordon Severson, KARE (Minneapolis, MN), Apr 22, 2019

Susie Steimle, CBS San Francisco, Apr 10, 2019

Locals plan rally against 5G rollout
KMVU (Medford, OR), May 15, 2019
Activists protest against 5G towers
WDVM (Hagerstown, MD), May 15, 2019

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Keaton Thomas, KATU (Portland, OR), Mar 11, 2019

Is 5G Technology Dangerous?
Stephanie Whitfield, KHOU (Houston, TX), Feb 11, 2019
5G fears: Homeowners worry about mini towers in street
John Matarese, WCPO (Cincinnati, OH), Feb 8, 2019

John Matarese, WTMJ (Milwaukee, WI), Feb 8, 2019
Local group protests 5G cell tower in Eugene
Madison Glassman, KEZI (Eugene, OR), Jan 26, 2019
5G Fight: Greendale residents don't want cell towers in their yards
Caroline Reinwald, WISN (Milwaukee, WI), Jan 4, 2019

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