In arrivo la 5G in USA: prevista un antenna ogni 12 case !!!

5G in the US:  a cell  antenna for every 12 homes 
From David Morrison:
See letter below from:   Joel M. Moskowitz, Ph.D., Director
Center for Family and Community Health School of Public Health
University of California, Berkeley Electromagnetic Radiation Safety

Urgent Action: Please call or write your city, county &/or State politicians and OCT offices advising them to refuse revision to cell tower siting rules. Industry will be introducing 5G next year and requesting cities allow them to install A CELL ANTENNA FOR EVERY 12 HOMES. 5G frequency has many potential agendas. This is the same frequency used with airport scanners and has vast surveillance potential as well as other military applications in civilian populations. 5G is unnecessary and even the F.B.I. Warns Against It !! !! It will lead to more sickness and death while industry makes trillions and trillions of dollars. World Health Organization Dr. Anthony Miller, M.D. warns against it. !!
Fwd: Take Action: States and municipalities - Wireless radiation carcinogenic

Telecom has begun their PR on 5G, asking the public to contact their city council to streamline their regulations to allow swift deployment of small cell sites in their cities. Please see email at bottom from Dr. Joel Moskowitz which shows a letter written by the wireless industry appearing in the San Francisco Chronicle.
NOW is the time for action - there has never been a greater need for everyone to write letters, inform, and meet with their political representatives. If we don't inform our local governments and our neighbors about the truth regarding what is coming with 5G in the imminent future, who will? Telecom is selling the public on 5G with its speed and cool tech, but the public does not know that 5G was never tested (along with, 4G, 3G, 2G) for long-term health effects and that this would mean one tower per 12 homes.
Only through public awareness of the risks and unknowns around wireless technology and knowledge of people who have been harmed will there be change.
Please see email below from Catherine of She gives excellent instructions on how/what to do, including letter templates.
Dr. Joel Moskowitz is asking people to write letters to the editors at San Francisco Chronicle - see his email for instructions.

Please make time to contact your elected officials and do som