I palloni di Google sono posizionati sul Sri Lanka; ma fanno più male delle 'antenne' ?

Avevamo già riportato sperimentazioni di Google per l'uso di pallone stratosferici per rilanciare segnale wifi

Ora arriva dallo Sri Lanka

la notizia che sene sono lanciati 13 ad una altezza di 19 Km.

C'è discussione se questa soluzione tecnologica sia meglio o peggio delle equivalente 'antenne' piazzate su dei pali o sopra dei tetti.

Alasdair Philips         ci riporta dei calcoli che fa sul livello di inquinamento generato.
One Loon balloon uses about 4 watts max ERP transmit power for WiFi to Earth.
At 19 km that results in less than 0.0002 V/m  and  0.0001 uW/m^2 – in most cases it will be lower due to atmospheric absorption, etc,
Every ‘average’ cell tower produces levels higher than 0.2 V/m or 106 uW/m^2 one km away (higher when closer)
i.e. about one million times higher in power.
Every mobile phone pulses at 1 watt on full power – another million times higher for the users and people in close proximity to it when in use at full power. With regard to the Sri Lanka story below, there are 22 million mobile phones there – if they are all on and transmitting at full power that is 22,000,000 watts! (plus all the base stations!!) All close to the population.
13 Loon balloons will result in less than 100 watts being transmitted from 20 km away.
Many TV masts transmit 1,000,000 watts of microwave power.
I am concerned about the proposed satellite networks – but more for the Ozone damage that all their launches will cause and the fact that they are static.
I think we are becoming distracted here.  I am not saying that we would not be better without them, but…
The much bigger dangers, in my opinion, are cellphones, cellphone base stations, WiFi in people’s homes, DECT cordless phones, Smart Meters, the Internet of Things (coming to everyone’s houses), EIA security systems in shops and malls, RFID tags (even now being used on school children – passive ones mean that the child gets irradiated by quite high microwave levels every time they pass an RF checker entrance).
I think we should focus more on what is happening RF radiation-wise on the ground near to us and our loved ones.

La conclusione sembra condivisibile . 

C'è qualcuno che confuta le stime fatte da Alasdair ?



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