Attenzione a non usare il cellulare con Skype ...

ovvero ci sono App che permettono di usare il cellulare a costo zero in quanto si utizza ad es. Skype .

Durante lo utilizzo come terminale di trasmissione dati il cellulare usa la tecnologia EDGE che ha maggiore emissione di radiazioni rispetto all'utizzo come telefono (GSM).  I valori di SAR sono misurati infatti durante una trasmissione come GSM.

Quindi fare chiamate gratuite ... costa - ancor di più - in salute!

Can a mobile phone boil an egg?  The mobile phone is believed to have made this. No comments here.
Nevertheless one may ask:” Can a microwave radiation be cause of human death in short time, for example, during a call by the mobile phone?” Common answer is: “No, it cannot.”  Unfortunately in some case right answer is: “Yes, it can.” I mean a situation when the mobile phone is being used for performing the free calls (e.g. by the Skype). In the worst case the phone radiates full power in EDGE technology and a user keeps the phone near head during long time.
Please note the phone can radiate (in the EDGE technology) even eight times as much as in GSM technology.  It is strange, the phone can use several technologies (e.g. GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS) but SAR measurements in the EDGE (the phone can emit the most powerfully in the EDGE) are not required. If manufacturers measured the SAR in the EDGE, the SAR should be much more than 2 W/kg in the head of the user. One can notice that the user does not need to keep the phone near the head when data transfer is using (e.g. in the Skype). I think that common user often does not know about a danger, but he knows well a way of performing the calls with confidentiality. At least I have seen this! Reason of the danger is an elevation of temperature in the head. The elevation of the temperature can be 0.5… 2 ° C in the GSM ( Paolo Bernardi, etc. Specific Absorption Rate and Temperature Increases in the Head of a Cellular-Phone User. IEEE Trans. on MTT, Vol. 48, No.7, July 2000).
Thus the elevation can be 4… 16 ° C in the EDGE! Moreover, power irradiation can be increased up to four times near a metallic surface, thus the elevation achieves up to 16…64 ° C. Skin burn can happen, but it is not worst.
Blood cells die at 43 ° C. For this reason the user might have to die soon.
WHO and other Authorities should demand relevant safety guidelines from the manufacturers. There are many ways to do the safety guidelines. I would rather that the manufacturers did this. Only a piece of advice – if your phone may work in the EDGE and/or in the GPRS, do not keep it near your head.
If the manufacturers ignored safety, they should pay for consequences.
Georgiy Ostroumov, Ph.D., microwaves, Finland