Casi di tumore alla tiroide nello stesso ufficio, in Israele

La stampa israeliana riporta la casistica di 8 impiegati di una compagnia nazionale delle comunicazioni, su 40, che  si sono beccati un tumore alla tiroide in 2,5 anni. Essi lavoravano nello stesso piano di un palazzo (grattacielo?) in un'area commerciale e uffici che ha ben 800 antenne !

I tecnici dicono che è una coincidenza

Two TV stations and one newspaper reported yestrday and today, about eight Bezeq (national communication company) workers out of 40, who have got thyroid cancer within 2.5 years. They worked on the same floor, at the same area,
with distance of less than 2-3 meters from each other, in the Azrieli building. (One of these building towers, a major business and shopping center,  has 800- 840 base stations inside, as was published several years ago in a 'by the way' comment). Seven years ago, 40 Bezeq workers worked on the same 13 floor, but two years later they were distributed in several floors for reorganization. One worker said that this issue occupies the workers all day.  Bezeq hired an expert
and the conclusion is that it is coincidence only. Radiation levels* were not exceeding, the reports say. The expert, Dr. Udi Frishman did not know that equipment was removed by Bezeq from the same place during the last two years. 
Dr. Frishman said there was no equipment that produced ionizing radiation, a known risk factor of thyroid cancer.
* radiation levels were not published.  
Yehiot Ahronot 31.10.13