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Visualizzazione post con etichetta covid. Mostra tutti i post

martedì 5 gennaio 2021

Una review sulle teorie sulla origine del COVID-19: naturale o artificiale?


nel NewYork Magazine un dettagliato articolo che ricostruisce tutta la storia del COVID partendo dai programmi militari USA già dagli anni '50 sulla guerra batteriologica in poi ...

lunedì 27 aprile 2020

Repubblica si San Marino: alto tasso di morti per COVID-19

webinar: "Implications of COVID-19 for Public Health and the SDGs"  - 27th April 2020.

What is very interesting in this study and can be fully verified from other sources too, is the case of SAN MARINO in Italy. A place with only 30000+ inhabitants that has been the test bed for TIM and NOKIA and since the end of 2018 has full (99%) 5G coverage with MIMO antenas and both frequencies 3,5 GHz and 26GHz in operation. Today SAN MARINO has the highest rate of COVID-19 cases and the highest rate of COVID-19 deaths per 1000 people not only in Europe but Globaly.

Dr. Theodore P. Metsis

I checked that confirmed cases of San Marino vs Italian Provinces'.   San Marino = 1,73% on population vs 1,64% of worst Italian Province (Cremona).  
Please consider that the deployment in San Marino started end of 2018, so during last months 99% of coverage of 5G is operative in this State. In Italy the coverage of 5G is minimal with very few devices in operation,  during the end of 2019 beginning of 2020.