Livelli di esposizione contro l'Ambascia USA a Mosca ed oggi ...

Molti ricorderanno il caso di attacco dei Russi, frutto della guerra fredda,  che  bombardarono il palazzo dell'ambasciata americana a Mosca con un 'cannone' ovvero con una antenna di radiofrequenze per vent'anni.

Questo fu scoperto dai dati statistici sulle malattie dei dipendenti del Ministero degli Esteri USA ... e risolta alla fine in un incontro diretto tra i due Presidenti.

Bene, o meglio, male !
Ma quale era la tremenda potenza di segnale ?    sotto i 10 microW/cm^2 : che vuol dire ?

ben sotto i livelli che oggi abbiamo (6 V/m = 10 uW/cm2) !!!!

Dr. Neil Cherry. (June 2000). “Goldsmith (1997) reported elevated mutagenesis and carcinogenesis among the employees and dependents that were chronically exposed to a very low intensity radar signal the U.S. Embassy in Moscow in the 1950's to 1970's. For most of the time the external signal strength was measured at 5 mW/cm2 for 9 hours/day on the West Facade of the building where the radar was pointed, Lilienfeld et al. (1978)”.
“To get the full strength of the signal a person would have to stand at an open window on the west side of the building at the 6th floor, Pollack (1979). Hence allowing for the internal signal strengths to be between 20 and 100 times lower, the occupants of the embassy were exposed to a long-term average radar signal in the range of 0.02 to 0.1mW/cm2. Blood tests showed significantly elevated chromosome aberrations in more than half of the people sampled. Leukaemia rates were elevated for adults and children.”
Microwave Syndrome. “These symptoms are consistent with the "Microwave Syndrome" of the "Radiofrequency Radiation Sickness", Johnson-Liakouris (1998). Mild et al. (1998) identified significant dose-response relationships for the following symptoms from the use of mobile phones: Memory Loss, Difficulty in Concentrating, Headache and Fatigue. Hence it is now shown and known that RF/MW exposure from extremely low but chronic exposure over many years, occupational exposure and cell phone use all produces significant and consistent neurological symptoms.”