RF contro i diritti umani

Riporto una nota di Cindy Sage, 'coordinatrice' della iniziativa Bionitiative.
E' molto giusta e tocca le corde dei diritti umani e di come il Mondo delle Radiofrequenza stia violentemente calpestando.


Omeostasi è un diritto fondamentale della salute umana : le esposizioni wireless nella vita quotidiana sono talmente alte da darci chiari segnali di base che le cellule umane sono fuori di funzioni normali - fuori dell'equilibrio omeostatico - a causa delle esposizioni RF.
Esse sono comunemente centinaia di volte o più di migliaia di quelle alle quali l' homo sapiens si è evoluto su questo pianeta.

Esposizioni RF nella vita quotidiana alterano l'omeostasi di esseri umani, modificare e danneggiare il DNA - il genoma umano, per alterare la riparazione del DNA in cellule staminali umane, con risposte immunitarie aberranti provocate, per provocare reazioni allergiche e infiammatorie, e indurre le cellule a produrre proteine ​​da shock termico (proteine ​​da stress ) proprio come i metalli pesanti, sostanze chimiche, i pesticidi .

Alterano i ritmi circadiani che regolano il sonno, equilibrio ormonale, e la sorveglianza del cancro. A breve termine le RF danneggiano memoria, apprendimento, capacità motorie e di comportamento, è probabile che sia fisiologicamente dipendenza e gli effetti che sono particolarmente gravi nei giovani.

Perspective on Wireless without Choice - Human Health Rights Declaration

The three new examples of wireless technology applications you saw in this morning's CHE-EMF emails

underscore how commercial applications of wireless are intruding into every corner of daily life. Wireless

baby blankets for every neonate, ostensibly to guard against SIDS. Electronic chips for your cat, that

keys the cat into its kitty-door. Smart (wireless) collars to track the smallest bodily function of wildlife, for

the edification of scientists who study them in the wild.

People can no longer live without chronic exposure to wireless environmental pollution. It is present

in technologies that have insinuated themselves into every nook and cranny of the home, school, workplace, hospital,

on the road, in your wireless auto key, on trains and buses and airplanes, in the library, in wild places like state and

national parks, in wildlife and waterfowl, in pets, in elderly people who might wander, into hearing aids and insulin pumps

and deep brain stimulators, into apps for cell phones for two-year olds, in apps that report vital stats to doctors....

all without consideration of the harm the wireless may do to the hapless human.

This is not progress. It is industry running fast enough to commercialize wireless so that health harm isn't going to register until the money is in the bank, and the corporation has moved on, absolving their legal liabilities which won't come to light and be prosecutable (i.e., have a reasonable chance of winning in court) for decades.

There has been no public debate, no voice, no vote - about whether people want and need these wireless applications. There should be. It is the people who will suffer the unintended health consequences of 'wireless everywhere', and have no choice in the matter. Chronic disease, disability, death and the unwilling geographic relocation of RF-sick people are resulting from these technologies.

Homeostasis is a fundamental human health right - wireless exposures are high enough in daily life to give us clear

signals that basic human cellular functions are out of kilter - out of homeostatic balance - because of RF exposures

that are now commonly a hundred thousand times or more what homo sapiens evolved with on this planet.

RF exposures in daily life alter homeostasis in human beings; alter and damage DNA - the human genome; alter DNA repair in human stem cells; provoke aberrant immune responses; provoke allergic and inflammatory reactions; and cause cells to produce heat shock proteins (stress proteins) just like heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides and other cell insults do. RF exposures alter circadian rhythms which regulate sleep, hormone balance, and cancer surveillance. RF impairs short-term memory, learning, motor skills and behavior, is likely to be physiologically addictive and it the effects are particularly serious in the young.

This is not governance for the public good. This is active complicity by federal agencies who continue to adopt and defend

'made-by-industry' public health standards, at public expense. This is federal agencies who capitulate to industry influence, and

ignore reasonable calls for independent health studies. This is federal agencies who drag their collective feet, and stifle public cries for guidance and help. This is federal agencies who take 14 years to release a report on possible RF health effects, while allowing saturation of the entire US population with the toxin they are

supposed to evaluate.

Federal agencies are eventually going to be pitted against each other where conflicts arise, as with the Department of Justice

Americans with Disabilities protections for those with medical implants vs. the FCC and FDA that ignore

RF risks to ADA people with implants. Hackers gleefully report they've hacked their own wireless insulin pumps, so what's to

stop random acts of violence on others with these implanted wireless devices, or worse, from simply trying to live in RF-rich

environments that are becoming the norm in cities (and hospitals, schools, libraries, cafes, trains, planes) everywhere?

The federal government (FCC) continues to sell the airwaves for commercial use - without updating

its public safety limits, all the while actively obscuring health effects that no reasonable person can now ignore,

and trivializing or dismissing calls for public review. Both the FCC and FDA should be investigated by the

General Accounting Office (GAO) and the public and stakeholders should be deeply involved.

What is at stake is the basic right to live in a society that does not burden its members with unwanted

environmental pollution for corporate financial benefit. What is being created is an outcast population who

cannot live in such conditions, and has no official medical recognition of their health condition, and has no right to

safe housing, shopping, schooling or healthcare.

It isn't just one application - one new technological gadget - one new idea for making money on wireless,

that can be sold to an unsuspecting public. It is the cumulative rollout of RF that matters.

]It is the entirety of the RF wireless systems for cell phones, cordless phones, cell towers, WI-FI, WiMax, wireless routers, baby monitors, wireless surveillance, wireless utility meters, wireless transportation and auto devices, energy generation and conservation, wireless broadband as a national stimulus priority, and all the rest. If people can't make informed choices about their voluntary use of wireless device because no one in leadership will talk about it, then we have a broken system of decision-making. We have no say about our burden of cumulative, involuntary RF exposure,

A little lead in one cooking pot might be sustainable for civilization, but when every cooking pot in every home contributes

a body-burden of lead over time, civilizations can sicken and fail. Even the pot-makers lose in the end.

In every society there are basic human rights which citizens must safeguard. Like Joe Wilson said "we get the democracy we deserve" and it depends on constant vigilance.

Massively increased RF exposure levels in daily life in this country mean that some of these 'rights' are being violated for most people in most parts of this country every day and every night, in the wireless world that is being created around us. Whether it's the family kitty, the newborn, or the cougar in the wild, where is the rational thinking?

Who will pay the costs tomorrow?

Perspective by Cindy Sage, Sage Associates

(all opinions expressed are those of the author, as an individual)

Human Health Rights Declaration

Cindy Sage, Sage Associates

December 2008

Fundamental Human Health Rights

The right to homeostasis in our own bodies

The right to normal central nervous system function

The right to natural environmental cues that synchronize our circadian rhythms

The right to sleep

The right to heal

The right to hear

The right to reproduce

The right to learn and retain memories

The right to an intact genome

If even ONE of these rights is compromised - placed at risk from involuntary wireless exposures in daily life, it is a breach

of human health rights. When many of these human health rights are compromised without the consent of the individual, then the deployment of wireless technologies should be halted and existing exposures reduced or eliminated, in accord with the scientific and public health findings on chronic exposure to low-intensity radiofrequency radiation, and other forms of potentially harmful electromagnetic fields.