lunedì 6 gennaio 2014

Google sta sperimentando antenne WiFi su palloni stratosferici

Alcune società di telefonia come l'australiana Telstra sta sperimentando con Google l'utilizzo di palloni posti nella stratosfera per 'servire' (= inquinare !) anche le zone rurali o di difficile accesso.

Come dire ... non si riesce a fuggire neanche nei posti più remoti della terra ...

TELSTRA is among a group of telcos that have held high-level talks with Google about working together on a revolutionary project to beam wireless internet signals from stratospheric balloons into hard-to-reach and underserved rural and regional areas. Called Project Loon, the ambitious plan uses high-altitude balloons equipped with antennas to beam WiFi signals capable of delivering 3G-like internet speeds to homes and businesses down below. Tests of Project Loon are under way in New Zealand and will be extended to Tasmania by mid-year, but the internet giant needs regulatory approvals and help from local telecommunication companies to get the project off the ground.

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