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martedì 1 settembre 2015

Un articolo su Forbes su cover che ci protegge dal cellulare

Sulla prestigiosa rivista americana Forbes, viene riportato un 'lungo' articolo su un nuovo prodotto che protegge la persona dall'uso del telefono cellulare.

articolo qui

Ovviamente ha una motivazione anche pubblicitaria ma è rilevante che questa rivista lo abbia pubblicata (chi la conosce comprende cosa voglio dire) ...

giovedì 21 marzo 2013

Arrivano le piante in aiuto contro l'elettrosmog

Qui vi riporto un articolo ... curioso :  chi fa la prova ?!

sabato 29 settembre 2012

Un Comune svedese dà un aiuto concreto agli elettrosensibili

Martedì 4 Settembre 2012 alle 10:36 am (Notizie P4 Västernorrland)

La Municipalità di Örnsköldsvik decide di stanziare 20.000 € per bonificare case private in presenza di persone elettorsensibili.
E' una richiesta fata dalla locale associazione di ES in accordo con funzionari comunali.

E' un intervento significativo in quanto l'elettrosensibilità non è classificata come disabilità , ma si è valutato se ci sono o meno le condizioni di reali problemi di disabilità e che hanno bisogno di aiuto.

Interventi previsti sono: fogli di alluminio sulle pareti, pitture a base di piombo sul pavimento e sul soffitto, installazione di stufe a gas.

by Tulla Maja Fogelberg.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012 at 10:36 am (News P4 Västernorrland)

Today, the City determines whether to allocate SEK 200 000 per year for elsanering of private homes.

The background is that members of the association in ElectroSensitive Västernorrland has pointed out the need and started the investigation with officers at Örnsköldsvik.

The system already exists in a number of other municipalities, especially north of Matti Ohlsson, handikappkonsulent and local sect Secretary in Örnsköldsvik Municipality.

Is it unusual for municipalities to grant this type of funding?

- Help to adjust their housing from municipalities is not uncommon, disabled facilities are very common, says Matti Ohlsson.

It says in the proposal that elsaneringsbidraget not covered by the rules of housing adaptation law. Why?

- It has probably more to do that EHS is not classified as a disability. Here we apart from it and not stuck in that discussion if there is a disability or not. We have noted that there are people who feel they have a need, says Matti Ohlsson.

Erland Lundgren is Chairman of ElectroSensitive association in västernorrland and according to him would mean a lot for grants to assist EHS.

- We have 60 members and I believe that at least half the need, ten of which are urgently needed. You try to find low-radiation environments, but it is hard to find it on your own.

How is it that elsanera a home?

- It means isolating all power in the house that they will not emit any radiation. It is an expensive operation, it costs at least 100 000. I've only elsa off my bedroom and it cost 12 000 SEK, says Erland Lundgren.

What are the symptoms of EHS?

- The most common is poor memory, particularly short-term memory. Aggressivite, short tempered, hard to restrain himself and imbalance. Some also have poor sleep.

What causes the disease?

- It comes as a bolt from the blue, it is difficult to predict who will suffer. I was sitting at my computer and felt myself every hot in the face and all red.

There s a pretty strong opinion against EHS - which says that it is hittepå simply. How do you experience it?

- It is strange for those who have seen and experienced it myself. You can also tag yourself and others that the only thing that helps is to get to a more low-radiation environment.

You live in a village outside Junsele. Forces all EHS to live lonely in rural areas?

- No, the worst affected. They are trying to find low-radiation areas.

Are you electrosensitivity? Or do you know someone who is?
Email: news.vasternorrland @

mercoledì 16 maggio 2012

Lo Stato di San Francisco introduce istruzioni x usare il cellualre in modo sicuro !

Cell phone radiation warning on San Francisco government web site

May 15, 2012

The City and County of San Francisco recently updated its web site to include precautionary health warnings about cell phone radiation (see below). With the exception of Burlingame, California, we are not aware of any other cities or counties in the U.S. that have incorporated such warnings on their web sites.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit is expected to rule this summer on the lawsuit filed by the CTIA--The Wireless Association against San Francisco's "Right to Know" cell phone ordinance. The ordinance was unanimously adopted by the Board of Supervisors and signed by Mayor Lee on August 2, 2011. San Francisco is the first city and county in the United States to pass cell phone safety legislation.

The CTIA is represented by five law firms.  How much is the industry willing to spend to suppress the public's right to know about the potential health effects of cell phone radiation? 

At least 12 nations have issued precautionary health warnings about cell phone radiation.

Joel M. Moskowitz, Ph.D.


Using Cell Phones Safely

San Francisco Department of the Environment

San Francisco's Cell Phone Right-to-Know Ordinance

Although experts are still studying the link between cell phone use and adverse health effects, the World Health Organization has classified radio frequency energy as a possible carcinogen. Find tips for reducing your exposure and information on the Cell Phone Right-to-Know Ordinance.

Reduce Exposure to Cell Phone Radiation

Although studies are ongoing to establish a link between cell phone use and adverse health effects, the World Health Organization has classified RF Energy as a possible carcinogen. Read more about how to reduce your exposure.  Read>

CellPhone Radiation Safety and Disclosure, January 26, 2010


Reduce Exposure to Cell Phone Radiation

San Francisco Department of the Environment

About Cell Phone Radiation

Cell phones are increasingly important tools of communication. The number of users is on the rise, and children comprise a growing segment of this population. All cell phones emit radio-frequency radiation (also called radio-frequency energy) from the antenna when the device seeks to make a connection with a cell tower. This radiation is emitted in all directions, and is absorbed by the brain or the body depending on where the cell phone is being held or carried.

Reducing Your Exposure

Although studies continue to assess potential health effects of mobile phone use, the World Health Organization has classified Radio-Frequency (RF) Energy as a possible carcinogen as reported in IARC Monographs Volume 102. If you are concerned about potential health effects from cell phone RF Energy, the City of San Francisco recommends:
  • Limit cell phone use by children: Developing brains and thinner skulls lead to higher absorption in children.
  • Use a headset, speakerphone, or text instead: Exposure decreases rapidly with increasing distance from phone.
  • Use a belt clip or keep your phone in a knapsack, briefcase, or handbag to keep some distance between your phone and body: Do not carry your phone directly on your body or at least maintain the recommended safe distance specified in your phones’ user manual.
  • Avoid using your cell phone in areas with a weak signal (in elevators, on transit, or when indicated by your phone): Using a cell phone in areas of good reception decreases exposure by allowing the phone to transmit at reduced power.
  • Reduce the number and length of calls.
  • Turn off your cell phone when not in use.
San Francisco's Cell Phone Right-to-Know Ordinance

It is the policy of the City and County of San Francisco to adhere to the Precautionary Principle, which asserts that government should not wait for scientific proof of health or safety risk before taking steps to inform the public of the potential for harm. There is debate in the scientific community about the health effects of cell phones, however numerous studies have identified evidence of an increased risk of brain cancer and other illnesses as a result of cell phone use. Leading epidemiologists who have studied the effects of radiofrequency energy absorbed from cell phones have recommended that the public be informed of the potential for adverse health effects from long-term cell phone use, particularly for children and pregnant women. See "Additional Information" below for links to studies.

Most cellular phone user manuals state, usually in very fine print, that if a user holds a phone too close to their body, a phone may exceed the radiofrequency energy exposure limitation set by the Federal Communications Commission ("FCC").  It is in the interest of public health to require cell phone retailers to inform customers about measures they can take to reduce their exposure to radiofrequency energy from cell phones. San Francisco's Cell Phone Ordinance requires cell phone retailers to provide their customers with this information through a store poster, warning statements included in sample phone displays, and in a factsheet to be given out with each phone sold and upon customer request.  The ordinance is currently on hold due to an industry law suit.

Additional Information for Reduce Exposure to Cell Phone Radiation

World Health Organization
Factsheet on mobile phones and public health
Learn More

Federal Communication Commission
FCC's page on wireless devices and health concerns
Learn More

giovedì 23 febbraio 2012

Arrivano gli occhiali che proteggono dall'elettrosmog !

Che volete più da una vita che vi ha fatto scoprire - sulla vostra pelle - cosa sono i campi elettromagnetici artificiali ? un bel paio di occhiali che vi schermano !

Sarebbe interessante capire come funzionano ... nel dettaglio, esattamente !