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Articolo importante che conferma gli effetti delle radiofrequenze sulla fertilità maschile

Questa review di ricercatori australiani
è molto importante perchè di 27 studi investiganti gli effetti di  RF sulla riproduttibilità maschile, sono riportati conseguenze negative in  ben 21 !  
Di questi, 11 su 15 studi riportano un sensibile calo della motilità degli spermatozoi, 7 su 7 riportano alti livelli di specie chimiche ossidate reattive, 4 di 5 studi che hanno dimostrato danni sul DNA .  Inoltre   in 6 su 6 studi si è rilevato un calo di antiossidanti 

Questi risultati, questa review dovrebbe portare a reazioni immediate delle pubbliche autorità ad attivare il principio di precauzione. 

Mobile phone usage has become an integral part of our lives. However, the effects of the radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation (RF-EMR) emitted by these devices on biological systems and specifically the reproductive systems are currently under active debate. A fundamental hindrance to the current debate is that there is no clear mechanism of how such non-ionising radiation influences biological systems. Therefore, we explored the documented impacts of RF-EMR on the male reproductive system and considered any common observations that could provide insights on a potential mechanism. 

Among a total of 27 studies investigating the effects of RF-EMR on the male reproductive system, negative consequences of exposure were reported in 21. Within these 21 studies, 11 of the 15 that investigated sperm motility reported significant declines, 7 of 7 that measured the production of reactive oxygen species documented elevated levels and 4 of 5 studies that probed for DNA damage highlighted increased damage, due to RF-EMR exposure. Associated with this, RF-EMR treatment reduced antioxidant levels in 6 of 6 studies that studied this phenomenon, while consequences of RF-EMR were successfully ameliorated with the supplementation of antioxidants in all 3 studies that carried out these experiments. 

In light of this, we envisage a two-step mechanism whereby RF-EMR is able to induce mitochondrial dysfunction leading to elevated ROS production. 

A continued focus on research which aims to shed light on the biological effects of RF-EMR will allow us to test and assess this proposed mechanism in a variety of cell types.

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