lunedì 4 agosto 2014

Un motivo in più per dire NO agli smart meter : il fuoco !

In Canada , un governo locale (Saskatchewan)  ha ordinato alla società di energia elettrica di rimuovere ben 105.000 smart meter che hanno installato nella provincia, a seguito di diversi incendi causati da queste apparecchiature ...

Fire after Fire after Fire … The Saskatchewan Smart Meter Fiasco
The recent events in Saskatchewan, Canada have refocused attention on one of the many risks associated with “smart” utility meters, i.e., the increased risk of fires.
As reported this past Thursday, July 31, the Saskatchewan government has ordered SaskPower to remove all 105,000 smart meters that have been installed across the province following several fires linked to the devices.
On Friday, August 1, the news coverage continued in Saskatchewan regarding the smart meter fires. An article in the Leader-Post made reference to a “Smart Meter Fiasco” and gave credit to the provincial government for:
“insisting that eight meters out of 105,000 catching fire (a 99.992-per-cent success rate, according to SaskPower) was simply unacceptable. Setting aside the moral issue of endangering human lives, the liability costs of house fires could be massive. It would have been far more cynical to have just kept installing smart meters in the hope that nothing would happen.”
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