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sabato 23 aprile 2016

Israele: il sindaco di Haifa ha bòoccato wifi nelle scuole

Il sindaco della città di Haifa ha dato ordine di disconnettere  il wifi nelle scuole ed asili in  attesa di avere certezza sulla sicurezza nell'uso del wifi.

The mayor of Haifa (in Israel) ordered to disconnect WiFi in schools and kindergartens  – until examining the safety of WiFi thoroughly

Yona Yahav,  the mayor of Haifa with children


Haifa municipality disconnects WiFi in kindergartens and schools in the city



The disconnect is until a thorough examination of WiFi safety is done


Haifa's mayor, Yona Yahav, ordered in coordination with the head of education department, Ilana Truck, to immediately disconnect WiFi in educational system until a thorough examination of the subject. At the same time, Yahav guided to advance the installation of wired safer system.


Yahav:  "The education system in Haifa is full of network computers and new, advanced technological systems. However, regarding anything that relates to our children, if there is doubt- there is no doubt. We must take excessive precaution.

As long as the argument on real danger was not refuted, I ordered to disconnect all the devices in kindergartens and in schools. In order not to prevent advanced technology from the children, we will act to activate safe wired system".

In recent years, the internet media has become part of our daily lives. The use of cell phones, smart phones and computers is gaining momentum among a wide range of ages, where children is an especially sensitive population to environmental effects among them exposure to electromagnetic radiation (non ionizing radiation).

Since the publication of the State Comptroller report in December 2014 on the subject

"handling electromagnetic radiation in the education systems by local authorities and private owners", all relevant bodies were recruited to measure radiation in all schools in the country.


Haifa municipality states, that "the education system has advanced computers system of the highest level. They are under control and stand in annual measurements and until today the results were lower than the demand of the existing standard. "


In view of this, and as long as it was not proven that WiFi radiation is dangerous, a discussion has started in the municipality to take precaution and receive answers from the governmental ministries.


Haifa municipality is organizing a conference for the next month, on radiation from cell phones and smart phones, in order to give knowledge to the public on wireless emitting technologies and their effects.  The conference will deal with creating a policy for educated use of cell phones in the education system in Haifa. Part of the conference will be dedicated to radiation from Wi-Fi.  This week, in coordination with the head of the city's education system, Ilana Truck, Yahav ordered to disconnect immediately the WiFi in kindergartens and schools in Haifa until a thorough examination of the subject is done.  These days the education system is preparing to gradually install wired system as an alternative in all education system in the city. These will be installed in the first stage in classrooms where pupils learn for the final exams that force use of computers, so they won't be harmed from the disconnect. The teachers in elementary schools in the city took on themselves to load every evening the studies material from the internet, so that pupils are not exposed and their studies won't be harmed.  Dr. Mona Nofi-Naama, head of non ionizing radiation issue, in the Cities Association Haifa Bay for environmental protection: "According to the precautionary principle, it is needed to reduce the exposure to non ionizing radiation as much as possible, among the rest also WiFi, by reducing the use of wireless networks and to prefer in every opportunity wired connection rather than wireless. The standards relate to thermal effect only, while here the subject is health effects that do not relate to heating that are in low levels below the standard, but were not defined.


martedì 22 settembre 2015

Israele: il rapporto annuale 2014 del Ministro della Salute invita alla prudenza

Il Rapporto annuale sul ambiente e benessere del Ministro competente israeliano tra le sue 95 pagine riporta:

  • Precauzione deve essere attivata in modo deciso riguardo ai bambini che sono più sensibili allo sviluppo di cancro.

  • Inoltre il Ministro per la Salute raccomanda un uso di cellulari moderato  pensando alla alternative di telefonia fissa, uso di sistemi viva voce ed altro.

  • Non mettere antenne wifi nella camera dei bambini.

  • Nelle scuole si raccomanda di tenere i ragazzi a distanza superiore di 1,5 m. da antenne wifi.
  • Ridurre l'uso di cellulari in auto o negli ascensori, o nel bus, o nei treni perch? la radiazione è amplificata.

Studi scientifici anche svolti in Israele evidenziano una relazione tra uso del cellular per più di 10 anni e tumori delle ghiandole salivari ed altro.

Il rapporto conclude con una affermazione molto significativa dal  Director of the US National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and National Toxicology Program:  Israele è leader mondiale negli studi sugli effetti di radiazione non ionizzanti sulla salute. Se alcuni lavori danno dei segnali premonitori per qualcosa che potrà avvenire, noi potremmo avere delle conseguenze molto più gravi per uno sviluppo continuo ed onnipresente di fonti di radiofrequenze.


The Report makes the following points:

Cell Phones: "The MoH recommends sensible use of cellular and wireless technology, including: considering alternatives like landline telephones" MoH recommendations include: use a speaker or hands-free phone accessory or (non-wireless) personal earphone in order to distance the telephone from the body, reduce the amount and duration of calls, and in areas of weak reception reduce calls because of higher radiation.

Children: MoH recommends: "refraining from installing the base of wireless phones in a bedroom, work room, or children’s room."

Schools: Levels of non-ionizing radiation were measured in 25 schools nation-wide and "based on these findings, the MoEP recommends that students remain at a distance of at least 1.5 meters from electrical cabinets and that use of wireless communication networks in schools be reduced."

Reduce Exposure in Cars: The MoH recommends not using cellphones in closed places like cars or elevators, buses, and trains unless there is an external antenna "due to amplified radiation in such places." "When driving, a hands-free device should be used for calls. It is recommended to install an antenna outside the vehicle and to use a line connection between the telephone and the speaker as opposed to using Bluetooth."

Research: Previous research findings in Israel "clearly indicated a link between cellphone use for more than 10 years and the development of tumors in the salivary glands." Israel is currently a partner in two additional international studies: (1) MOBI-Kids, a multi-center study involving experts from 16 countries who are examining potential associations between use of communication devices and other environmental factors and risk of brain tumors, and (2) the GERoNiMO (Generalised EMF Research using Novel Methods) project, which uses an integrated approach and expertise from 13 countries to further the state of knowledge on EMF and health.

The Report concludes with a chapter by Linda S. Birnbaum, Director of the US National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and National Toxicology Program, who states, "Israel is a world leader in research on the health effects of non-ionizing radiation. If some of the studies turn out to be harbingers of things to come, we may have major health consequences from the nearly ubiquitous presence of wireless equipment."

The recently published ISRAEL 2015 RF Safety Report <>  details current actions on EMFS such as:

New Public Education Website: The Israeli government launched the public education website TNUDA ( of the National Information Center for Non-Ionizing Radiation <>  to guide the public and decision-makers on the educated use of technology.

Guidelines for the installation and operation of Wi-Fi networks in schools: Following a petition seeking an outright ban on Wi-Fi in Schools, the government is banning Wi-Fi in kindergartens and restricting hours of use in schools, installing equipment with exposures to be set as low as possible, and monitoring radiofrequency (RF) radiation levels.

Government Testing Finds that Mobile Phones Violate Manufacturers’ Reported SAR: In a study conducted by the Ministry for Environmental Protection and the Holon Institute of Technology, the SAR of 10 models of mobile phones was measured using phantoms. The measured SAR exceeded the SAR declared by the manufacturer, when the phone was held close to the head and in bad reception mode (100% of the maximum power).

ELF EMF limits are recommended at numbers far below international limits. These recommendations were set to account for research showing links to leukemia. "The Ministry of Health (MoH) jointly recommend a threshold of two milligauss on an average annual basis when planning an electrical facility or four milligauss on a daily average." A study performed by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and by the Education Ministry has found that in more than 60% of the schools in Israel at least one classroom had magnetic fields exceeding 0.4 ?T. Action was taken to reduce exposure in these schools.

Headsets and safety information required with every new mobile phone: According to a settlement agreement accepted by the Tel Aviv-Yafo District Court in February 2014, cellular operators must inform buyers of new mobile phones about the radiation safety instructions as formulated by the manufacturer, provide a hands-free kit with every new mobile phone, and provide information on the safe use of mobile phones on its website.

National radiofrequency monitoring program: The Ministry of Environmental Protection is operating a national RF monitoring system with stations that continuously measure the entire range of RF and transmit the data to a central computer that analyzes and displays online the results of measurements <> .

sabato 2 agosto 2014

Class action in Israele arrivata a conclusione

Il tribunale distrettuale di Tel Aviv ha approvato un accordo transattivo a seguito di una class action contro una società telefonica in merito alle emissioni dei loro telefoni cellulari.
Secondo l'accordo la società dovrà dare una comunicazione chiara ed esplicita sulle precauzioni da avere tenendo il telefono non attaccato al corpo.  Inoltre dovranno vendere ad un prezzo minimo concordato gli auricolari, insieme al telefono.  Inoltre la società dovrà garantire il rispetto (SAR) delle caratteristiche di emissioni , dopo riparazione.

The district court in Tel Aviv, approved yesterday (Monday) a
settlement agreement in a class action that was filed against
the cell phone companies Pelephone and Partner, regarding
radiation emission from mobile phones sold by them. A similar
settlement agreement was signed and approved in the past in
front of Mirs (Hot mobile) while the class action in the same
subject against Cellcom, is still being discussed in the court.
In the class action that was filed in 2010 by lawyer Rony
Kordoner, it was claimed among the rest, that Pelephone and
Partner violate their duty to verify after repairing mobile
phones, that they do not emit forbidden radiation, and that
they do not implement the duty to warn customers about risks
in carrying cell phones close to the body. Pelephone and
Partner did not admit the charges, but they agreed to make a
settlement that was already signed in 2013, but was approved
only now.
According to the settlement agreement, within 180 days the
companies will add warning about carrying the mobile phone
close to the body
, in communication documents for the
customers. The warning will include an explanation that part
of the mobile phones manufacturers ask to avoid carrying the
mobile phone at distance of less than 2.5 cm from the body,
and sometimes even less.
In addition, within 180 days Pelephone will start selling for
a limited period of time, wired earpiece at the price of 10
shekels only
, at all her selling points, in order to help
customers avoid exposure to radiation. Partner committed to
sell a tube for the mobile phone, at lower price instead of an
earpiece. But the main part of the settlement is regarding the
commitment of Pelephone and Partner to do radiation
examinations without payment for mobile phones that were sold
by them and were given for repair. The purpose of the
examinations is to compare the radiation level emitted by the
device, vs. the standard. If the mobile phone exceeds the
standard in more than 12%, the customer will be sent to the
manufacturer for repair. Examination of a mobile phone that
has no problem, will be done for payment. After repairing the
mobile phone, or after the customer will be given a renewed
device that went through repair with regard to the
transmission and reception systems of the mobile phone (RF),
the comparison examination will be done without payment. In
other cases, the examination will be done for payment. In the
settlement, Partner and Pelephone will pay 30,000 each to the
plaintiffs, and 200,000 shekels each to the plaintiffs' lawyers.,7340,L-3637149,00.html

2013:  Pelephone, Partner agree to supply cheap earphones to
settle suit

Some mobile phone users will be able to buy cheap earphones
for their devices, following the settlement of a class-action
suit with Pelephone and Partner Communications. The companies
had been sued for alleged radiation risks; the plaintiffs
claimed that providers failed to sufficiently warn them about
the risk of holding their phones to their heads. The
settlement with Pelephone - and a similar one with Partner -
requires the company to provide earphones for all models at
NIS 10 apiece for the next nine months. The offer will be
included in customers’ monthly bills. The company also agreed
to do free checks to ensure that the radiation levels of
devices it repairs are safe. It will now issue clear warnings
regarding radiation risks. ‏

(Amitai Ziv, Shelly Appelberg‏)

giovedì 24 aprile 2014

Israele : l'Alta Corte ha ordinato alla Stato Israeliano di spiegare perché Wifi nelle scuole

A valle della causa intentata dalla associazione National Parents Leadership, the Sane Cellular Forum and others, il giudice della Alta Corte ha imposto allo Stato (Ministro della educazione)  di motivare la sua scelta di spingere la diffusione del wifi nelle scuole, nonostante che , a parole, aveva sostenuto la necessità di attuare un processo prudente ...

Pare che ormai tutte le scuole siano coperte da questa tecnologia.

Sono già riportati disturbi neurologici e quindi scioperi e proteste dei genitori senza che il Ministero reagisca. 


Interessante è l'approccio dei giudici :  < perché ? quali sono le valutazioni seguite ? ...>

Press Release of the National Parents Leadership 23.4.14

Press release - High court Wi-Fi lawsuit  National Parents Leadership vs. the Ministry of Education

The high court ordered this morning to the State, to explain why they won't act to deploy wired networks in all schools in the country and stop using Wi-Fi networks in the frame of the computerized curriculum

The decision was given by judges Gronis, Naor and Meltzer, in a lawsuit filed by the National Parents Leadership, the Sane Cellular Forum and others by lawyer Michael Bach, against the Ministry of Education.

The basis of the lawsuit was the argument that the Ministry of Education adopted for the outside impression expert opinions who determined that WiFi radiation endangers especially the health of children, who are especially sensitive to radiation.

The Ministry of Education wrote in different documents filed to the court, about how they see themselves committed to children's health and therefore they must act according to the precautionary principle and to deploy wired networks in schools. 

But words and actions are two different things. In practice, the Ministry of Education pushed massively thousands of wireless networks into schools all over the country, while exposing the children to risk in contrast to the presentation to the outside.

In the previous meeting, the high court asked to receive data, and from the data that were given by the Ministry of Education it turned out that 75% of schools have Wi-Fi, and the plaintiffs estimate that the rate is even much higher.

During the last months many children started complaining on headaches, dizziness, nauseas and more, that became stronger when the radiation was activated in schools, and disappeared when they were not in schools.

In different schools there were demonstrations of the parents, school strikes, and classrooms were separated to pupils who did not agree to be exposed to radiation, and studied with books, and those who studied with the computers program.

The computers program is blessed and important pedagogically, but needs to be done with cables or optic fibers, that will improve it, since with optic fibers the surfing is quicker and better.

This way, both progress will be achieved and the interest to keep the children healthy.
Today the high court gave a conditional injunction which has a very significant saying, according to which, if the State does not convince the court otherwise, there is a place to accept the petition.

venerdì 31 gennaio 2014

Israele: il Ministro della Salute avverte pericolosità nell'uso dell' iPad da parte di bambini epilettici

Questa notizia ha fatto scalpore:  il Ministro israeliano della salute manda fuori un segnalazione di attenzione rivolta ai genitori di bambini epilettici per casi di disfunzione dei dispositivi (pacemaker) che hanno sotto la pelle per il trattamento della epilessia, dovuti all'uso (lungo ?) dell'iPad.

L'importatore si attacca alla frase di warning che - immagino a caratteri stampa  micro - indica di non sottoporre a campi elettromagnetici il dispositivo ! ...

Eppoi si dice che il Wifi non fa male !



Israeli Ministry of Health to doctors: Warn epilepsy patients from ipads
*Google translation is not good for this article, it is manually corrected.
Following Smallah's request, the Ministry of Health ordered sellers in Israel to pass the information to all doctors. The European manufacturer Cybronics, issued a letter clarifying to keep patients away from the iPad.  A mother to an epileptic patient from center of the country, noticed unfamiliar symptoms of her son after playing on the iPad. In his body was implanted Vagal pacemaker to treat epilepsy. Unsuccessful attempts to obtain information about the relationship between the iPad and the pacemaker, led the mother to the company that makes the pacemaker abroad, where she was explained what was not known to doctors and to the Ministry of Health in Israel - The iPad runs the pacemaker unnecessarily disrupting its regular activities. "What bothers me is that they did not inform this to us before the transplantation. Do you think we would have implanted a pacemaker - that was not designed to save lives - to the boy, if we had known that he would have to stay away from the iPad for all of his life ?"

Sh., mother of 14 -year-old epileptic patient from the center of the country is angry.  On the one hand, she knows now that tablets and maybe even smartphones, could possibly disrupt the pacemaker activity implanted in the body of her son.  On the other hand she can not tell him to stay away from these devices permanently.
"Even without this, it's not  easy to be a mother of a child with epilepsy, or in general, a child who is not like others - it is not easy to be", says Sh' to Smallah" So now he has also to stay away from devices that have become in recent years an integral part of all our lives? "

T, an epileptic who suffers from severe seizures. Three months ago his parents were convinced to implant Vagal pacemaker in his body. This is a device with one purpose - to improve the quality of life of patients with epilepsy. It is implanted in the underarm area and transmits electrical pulses through the electrode in the left vagus nerve in the neck and from there to the brain.

According to Sh., two months after surgery, her son played with the iPad for about two hours and suddenly the pacemaker was turned on unnecessarily, causing his voice to shake for about a minute and he coughed and felt strangled. The phenomenon repeated itself several times. Only as he left the iPad , the pacemaker relaxed.
When the parents of T' turned to his attending physician, she said that she did not know of a connection between the use of the iPad and disruption to the operation of the pacemaker. If she had known it, she would have informed them about such a basic detail. Even in ' Sigma ', the company which markets the pacemaker in Israel, they  were unmoved .
"The CEO laughed at me at first, he told me it's crap, that there is no connection between the iPad and the pacemaker" recalls Sh' her first conversation with  'Sigma '.  'When I told him that I checked online and found a warning of the manufacturer from using iPads next to transplant pacemakers patients, he immediately determined that there is no connection between the two pacemakers and said it is impossible that there is something I know and his company does not know."

When the parents of T' realized that nobody in the country is aware of the impact of the iPad on their son's pacemaker, and nobody cares, they conducted a home experiment by themselves.
Because they knew the pacemaker was turned on by a magnet, they decided to bring the iPad to another device powered by a magnet - Compass.
"Once we did it, the compass went crazy. We realized immediately, that this is exactly what is happening in T's body as he approached to the iPad ," says Sh'. 

What happens to T' when the pacemaker reacts like this to closeness to the iPad?
"The Pacemaker works at regular time intervals, as soon as the patient feels an epileptic seizure coming, he deliberately turns the pacemaker on, and it increases the rate of electric pulses the pacemaker sends to his brain and their intensity. The situation becomes, that regardless of seizures he receives electrical pulses. Let's just say that if there was no pacemaker and he was suffering from severe epileptic attack, we'd give him medicine, for example , Valium. Imagine if we give him this drug more often than necessarily ? It certainly would have affected him.
So we believe this is the case with electrical pulses."  Sh' added that her son felt ill also after running the pacemaker,  "He had nausea and sore throat. We do not know how many times the pacemaker was turned on without control, but once we noticed the phenomenon, I counted at least five times it was turned on for two hours, not to mention that an unnecessary activation of the pacemaker shortens battery life and battery replacement in such cases is done by surgery, which definitely harms the purpose of improving the patient 's quality of life."

Sh., who believes in the importance of sharing of such information, was not satisfied only with approaching to the marketing company, and to the manufacturer abroad. She also turned  to Smallah.
Following a request of Smalla from the Ministry of Health, the marketer passed guidelines to all physicians who treat with the same pacemaker in the country, so that they will inform their patients about the need to stay away from tablets.
"Cybronics" company published a letter following the incident, sharpening to its customers around the world, that the iPad may disrupt the activity of the pacemaker.
In the letter, adressed to "all interested parties", Sh's case is described and her complaint about unnecessary activations of the pacemaker, near the ipad device.
'Cybronics announced that although they warned in its provisions and instructions from all devices emitting electromagnetic radiation, the doctors and the agents who sell the pacemaker need to sharpen to patients the explanation about what devices are involved, because the public is not necessarily aware of the electromagnetic radiation emitted by many devices.

Ministry of Health's response:

The Ministry of Health contacted Sigma to clarify the matter.
It turns out, that the manufacturer's instructions to the doctor and the patient (in user manual) state, as is generally accepted, that environment with strong electromagnetic radiation may affect the pacemaker.   However, even the manufacturer of a consumer device that emits electromagnetic radiation has full responsibility to warn its users from such phenomena.
There are differences between different manufacturers of devices with electromagnetic radiation and therefore the pacemaker manufacturer required in his own guidelines - to keep them off the chest at distance of 8 inches (20 centimeters).

Based on guidance from the Ministry of Health, marketer of the Vagal pacemaker passed clearer focused message in addition to the general message to all doctors who treat with it.
Doron Debbie, CEO of Sigma, which markets the pacemaker in the country, said in response:

1)  I would like to say that indeed we received a complaint from the mother who contacted us directly. She claimed, that when the child held the ipad  more than two hours in a row on the abdomen ( lying on your back and probably just adjacent to the pacemaker ), it seemed that after long time of use, the iPad turned the pacemaker on (in addition to its random normal operation) and the child reacted as sometimes he responds when the pacemaker is working.

2)  In the manufacturer's instructions for the doctor and patient, it has always been written (as is common with electrical pacemakers in general and not just our pacemaker) that a strong electromagnetic environment may affect the pacemaker. However, the manufacturer of the device that emits electromagnetic radiation has full responsibility to warn its users from these and other phenomenas, Cybronics (Vagal pacemaker manufacturer) cannot check all consumer products in the world that has any magnetic field.

3) We have not received any written complaint of the doctors caring for the child , and when we asked them the doctors told us they had not seen it, but that this was a subjective claim of the mother.
4) We recommended that the mother take her son to the doctor and we started immediately  complaints procedures in front of the pacemaker's manufacturer.
5) Even if the mother's complaint was indeed correct and involuntary (or programmed) activation of the pacemaker happened, there is no immediate danger (according to the manufacturer) to the patient or to the pacemaker (the pacemaker anyway is powered in regular programming every few minutes).

6) According to the manufacturer's instructions (appear in the Bulletin of the pacemaker), in the case of running the pacemaker because of an electromagnetic field, the pacemaker returns to its normal operating format immediately when removing it from the field.

7) I never told the mother that there was no connection between the pacemaker and specific devices (as she claimed ). We clarified to the mother, that we have not received such complaints so far and that we do not know every specific problem between the pacemaker and the iPad device. However, we reminded to the mom, that there exists a general warning for each device which emits electromagnetic radiation, and we offered her to avoid using the device adjacent or close to the pacemaker until checking the complaint. Her answer was that she did not intend to prevent her child from playing on his iPad.
8) We have never received a similar complaint from a patient or a doctor in Israel so far.

9) Following the request of the mother, we immediately turned overseas to the manufacturer, the manufacturer asked us for all pacemaker data and other data for a thorough examination of the pacemaker.

10) Despite this, to the best of our knowledge, following recent widespread use of Apple's iPad and similar devices, the manufacturer intends to refine and focus his message soon for doctors and patients.

11) After receiving a formal response from the manufacturer, we sent a clearer focus in addition to the existing general message to all physicians who treat patients with Vagal pacemaker and through them to the patients, with the following formulation:

"Magnets that are found in several tablets and covers,  such as Apple iPad ® products, may be strong enough to cause in certain conditions casual / temporary turn on of the Vagal stimulus. Patients transplanted with
Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS) pacemaker, should use with reasonable care around devices that create a strong electric or magnetic field, and keep away from those instruments at least 15 inches from the area in the body, where the pacemaker is implanted."

12) We intend to refine the message in a more detailed way,  in conjunction with the manufacturer and the Ministry of Health, in more channels to doctors and patients (there are hundreds of such patients in Israel). Also the manufacturer intends to update the official guidelines for physicians and patients around the world soon, and to mention in the guidelines specifically also " iPad devices."
13) From an investigation we conducted with the doctor who examined the patient close to the event , there was no change in the parameters of pacemaker programming as a result of the incident. According to doctor, the prescribed measurements carried out in the clinic, were tested and found negative.
14) Please note the pacemaker has U.S. FDA and European CE approval for more than 15 years. It is sold in more than 90 countries in the world, and more than 100,000 pacemakers were already implanted in the world.  Dozens of medical studies have been published in the world, showing high safety and high efficacy for drug-resistant epilepsy using the pacemaker.

martedì 12 novembre 2013

Azione legale di un ex-soldato israeliano contro il Governo

A former officer (25 years old) in the aerial protection system of the military claims he has got cancer as a result of the radiation emitted from the aerial protection system of the arrow missiles battery, to which he was exposed for his 5 years of military service. Lately the officer filed a lawsuit to the Ministry of Defense, with lawyer Eli Saban, demanding to recognize him as military disabled because of his cancer. The officer, who did his main service in an arrow missiles battery in one of the bases in the center of the country, detailed in his lawsuit the conditions of his service: "the job in the battery included a lot of activity, both operation and guiding, the job included continued service in the battery on all its components: radar, control center....all my life's routine, including sleeping, was inside the battery. During all my service I was exposed to radar systems and to other systems that emit ionizing radiation".
The officer, it was said in the lawsuit, was recruited to the army in full health, and in the last year of his service he started feeling back pains, but he did not attribute importance to them and did not complain about them. Two years ago he was released from the army. When his back pain strengthened, he went to get checked and about half a year after he was released, he was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma, in advanced stage with metastases.  "There is no history in my family of Hodgkin's disease" the officer wrote in the lawsuit. "I have no doubt, that the Hodgkin's was caused by the military service conditions and its special characteristic".  The Ministry of Defense received the lawsuit and the officer received a temporary approval to receive medical treatment at the expense of the Ministry
of Defense. If the Ministry of Defense will decide to reject the lawsuit, the officer will have to go to the court.
Lawyer Saban said yesterday: "the fighters' service conditions in the batteries of the aerial protection systems must be checked. I think that in this case, if there is doubt, it is right and appropriate to go towards the officer who did day and night for the security of the country, and to enable him help and rehabilitation."   
Yediot Ahronot 12.11.13
by Reuven Vice.

giovedì 31 ottobre 2013

Casi di tumore alla tiroide nello stesso ufficio, in Israele

La stampa israeliana riporta la casistica di 8 impiegati di una compagnia nazionale delle comunicazioni, su 40, che  si sono beccati un tumore alla tiroide in 2,5 anni. Essi lavoravano nello stesso piano di un palazzo (grattacielo?) in un'area commerciale e uffici che ha ben 800 antenne !

I tecnici dicono che è una coincidenza

Two TV stations and one newspaper reported yestrday and today, about eight Bezeq (national communication company) workers out of 40, who have got thyroid cancer within 2.5 years. They worked on the same floor, at the same area,
with distance of less than 2-3 meters from each other, in the Azrieli building. (One of these building towers, a major business and shopping center,  has 800- 840 base stations inside, as was published several years ago in a 'by the way' comment). Seven years ago, 40 Bezeq workers worked on the same 13 floor, but two years later they were distributed in several floors for reorganization. One worker said that this issue occupies the workers all day.  Bezeq hired an expert
and the conclusion is that it is coincidence only. Radiation levels* were not exceeding, the reports say. The expert, Dr. Udi Frishman did not know that equipment was removed by Bezeq from the same place during the last two years. 
Dr. Frishman said there was no equipment that produced ionizing radiation, a known risk factor of thyroid cancer.
* radiation levels were not published.  
Yehiot Ahronot 31.10.13

lunedì 26 agosto 2013

Israele: Il ministro per la Istruzione manda norme prudenziali sull'uso del wifi nelle scuole

Sono state emesse delle linee guida  da parte del Ministero della Istruzione Israeliana che punta ad un uso prudenziale, ridotto e controllato del wifi nelle scuole .
Questo,  dopo che grandi investimenti sono stati impegnati per la digitalizzazione delle scuole.

Questo evento segue all' intervento della Corte Suprema che ha chiesto al governo dati epidemiologici su disturbi (elettrosensibilità innanzitutto) legati all'uso massivo di radiofrequenze negli ambienti: vedere altro post su questo blog.  

giovedì 1 agosto 2013

Importante studio israeliano di indagine sugli effetti dell'uso del cellulare sulle ghiandole salivari

In questo studio, un gruppo cospicuo di ricercatori di Tel Aviv University’s Sackler Faculty of Medicine  e del Surgery Department at the Rabin Medical Center   hanno rilevato che nella saliva di grandi utilizzatori del cellulare ci sono  perossidi e radicali liberi, ben noti per la loro capacità di danneggiare i tessuti e di essere grandi  fattori di  rischio per il cancro

martedì 23 luglio 2013

La Suprema Corte Israeliana ordina al Governo di indagare su quanti bambini soffrono per la elettrosensibilità

Il Governo deve dare risposta entro metà novembre pv.
Notare che non ha dubbi sulla esistenza della malattia, vuole solo sapere quanto ampio è il fenomeno
Inoltre impone che le risposte siano suffragate da dati e prove !

Mie note:  è noto come l'Israele - per la ben nota storia - è MOLTO avanti nelle tecnologie innanzitutto digitali ed informatiche. Ancora una volta questa conoscenza diffusa (che aveva bloccato l'implementazione dell' UMTS ad es.) impone un sano e rigido applicazione del principio di precauzione.   Aggiungo che è un paese molto giovane e che - guarda caso - punta alla salute  delle future generazioni !!!

On July 18, 2013, the Israeli Supreme Court ordered the Israeli Government to investigate how many children in Israel already suffer from EHS.
The Order was issued in response to a Petition to the Israeli Supreme Court to ban Wi-Fi in schools that was submitted in August, 2012. The Government must submit the result of its investigation to the court by November 16, 2013. The Israeli Supreme Court’s decision seems to indicate that the Court does not trust the government’s statements as:
(1) Not only did the court order the Gov. to check how many children are already sick with EHS, thereby accepting the existence of EHS and its correlation to radiation, but it also demanded that the Gov. specify in its statement the exact measures it took in order to conduct the inquiry.
(2) Another indication that the Court found the statement of the Gov. unreliable can be found in the fact that the Supreme Court ordered that the Gov.’s reply on November 16, MUST be supported with a sworn affidavit; Meaning that every fact mentioned, data collected or statement made in the Gov.’s answer must be supported by an Affidavit, attesting to the truthfulness of the claim.
Read the post here.

domenica 3 marzo 2013

Compagnia telefonica Israeliana paga danni

85000 €
è quanto la Orange Israeliana pagherà  - in via extragiudiziale - ad un cliente che ha contratto un tumore all'orecchio.

Questo cliente ha fatto causa alla compagnia nel luglio scorso per un uso intensivo di un telefono avuto da questa compagnia.
Esso è un avvocato con un forte utilizzo dell'apparecchio in particolare nel suo ufficio che ha mura molto spesse (per sicurezza, come normale nella edilizia israeliana).
Egli ha portato una perizia in cui si collega il danno biologico con l'uso del cellulare.
La compagnia dice di pagare ... per motivi umanitari !!!



Israeli cell phone company to compensate customer who contracted cancer

Partner Communications, which operates in Israel under the name Orange, will pay NIS 400,000 to a customer who contracted cancer in his ear.

By Hila Raz and Amitai Ziv | Mar.03, 2013 | 3:00 PM

Cell phone
Partner's move in the settlement is rare and could set a precedent for further lawsuits. Photo by Dan Keinan
Partner Communications, which operates in Israel under the Orange brand name, has reached a settlement with a customer who claims he contracted cancer after using one of their devices.
The customer, who is in his 50s, sued Partner in May, claiming that intensive use of the device resulted in an aggressive lymphoma near his left ear. Partner agreed to pay NIS 400,000 in an out-of-court compromise settlement.
The customer is an attorney who had converted the secure room – a reinforced room that doubles as a bomb shelter and is common in most new Israeli homes – into an office. He claimed that he conducted a great deal of phone calls and business from the room, where cellular reception was low. In places without good phone reception, such as elevators and secure rooms, the electromagnetic radiation from cellular phones is higher than usual.
Partner's settlement is a rare act. The company says they opted to pay the customer as a humanitarian gesture, saying in a statement, "The company is very meticulous about adhering to the guidelines of the World Health Organization, the Health Ministry, the Communications Ministry and all the relevant bodies. No scientific or medical basis was found to the claim and it was rejected by the court. Beyond the letter of the law, in light of [the man's] personal story, the company decided on an exceptional humanitarian gesture. We wish him good health."
Regardless of their statement, the customer's lawsuit included a medical opinion linking mobile phone use and his disease, which raises questions about Partner. Was it concerned the opinion would be legally validated if the case when to court? Was it worried about a precedent? Did it prefer to sign the compromise agreement to save face in the media?
Israel's other cellular companies have less to fear from lawsuits because their rules are relatively strict when held up alongside international standards. Every device comes with a brochure detailing safety precautions, which include using an earpiece and refraining from taking in locations with poor reception.
Israelis are among the heaviest cell phone users in the world. According to a Partner report issued last week, its customers speak for 450 minutes a month on average. Customers with unlimited packages speak for about 700 minutes a month.
The debate about radiation damages has been around since the establishment of the cellular companies. Until now most of the battle has been over radiation from antennas. The present compromise is unusual because it focuses on radiation from the cellular device itself. Two months ago a survey found increasing evidence of the link between the use of cell phones and brain tumors.
This particular settlement by Partner is liable to have an effect on cell phone companies and open the floodgates to a barrage of individual and class-action lawsuits, providing plenty of work for lawyers specializing in the field. Following a ruling in the United States requiring tobacco companies to pay damages for cancer patients who had smoked, lawsuits poured in and the value of tobacco companies plummeted as a result.

venerdì 24 agosto 2012

Lotta dura in Israele contro il Wifi nelle scuole

Azione molto determinata di un'associazione israeliana noWifi insieme ad alcune associazioni di genitori per il blocco della instalazione di reti wifi nelle scuole. Dopo una prima dimostrazione di assenso da parte del Ministro della Educazione, hanno riscontrato un atteggiamento ambivalente. Con il ricatto di una petitione alla Corte Superiore, hanno richiesto che il Ministro mandi un esplicito direttiva di non installare. Qui la storia

mercoledì 4 luglio 2012

Class Action Israeliana vince

Breve news d'agenzia
che illustra che una class action generata da cittadini israeliana nei confronti del provider Cellcom Israel per inquinamento elettromagnetico con una richiesta di 200 MEUR ha portato ad una transazione economica , bloccando la procedura legale. Quindi con il pagamento di quanto richiesto ? (non è chiaro).
Ma comunque la società ha preferito pagare anziché procedere nella vertenza legale

giovedì 1 marzo 2012

Parlamento Israeliano approva le etichette di pericolo

Il Parlamento di Israele ha approvata una legge che impone sulle confezioni di telefonini una scritta che recita:

ATTENZIONE - Il Ministro della Salute avvisa che alto uso e mantenimento di questo telefono attaccato al proprio corpo può causare il rischio di cancro, specialmente per i ragazzi !

The labels will read 'Warning - the Health Ministry cautions that heavy use and carrying the device next to the body may increase the risk of cancer, especially among children.'